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 ACI 2016 mission at QuyhoaNDH ended successfully
Today, a meeting reviewing the ACI cleft lip and palate mission from April 9-15 is held at QuyhoaNationalLeprosyDermatologyHospital. During the week, ACI collaborated with QuyhoaNDH to give assessment to 82 patients, 46 of whom were operated. 
Most of operated patients are children affected by unilateral cleft lip, bilateral cleft lip, cleft palate, fistula,... All operated patients have gained good results. In addition, patients who had surgery before but limited in speaking ability, were instructed in speech therapy by a speech therapist. 
Speaking at the meeting, Tuan Anh Vu, M.D, PhD., Vice Director in charge, expressed his deep thanks for the ACI human activity for cleft patients and highlighted it was a great opportunity for hospital staff to learn from ACI experts. In addition, he hoped that QuyhoaNDH would have more chances to cooperate with ACI to carry out surgery programs for benifit patients as well as training program for hospital staff .
Responding to Dr Tuan Anh, Dr Jeffrey Lowell Mash, the ACI main surgeon, said he was deeply moved and impressed by the hospitality and enthusiasm of hospital staff. On behalf of ACI team, he would like to send big thanks to the hospital staff for supporting the team in the surgery program. At the same time, he expressed the expectation of future cooperation between ACI and QuyhoaNDH. He hoped, QuyhoaNDH would develop as a treatment center for cleft patients in the Central-Higds region in the future.
Thu Linh

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