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 Mission ACI performing surgeries free of charge for cleft patients at QuyhoaNDH

Aiming at regaining smiles for patients, especially children suffering from cleft lip and palate,  a surgical program free of charge for cleft patients will be held, under the cooperation between Asia Connection Inc. (ACI), QuyhoaNDH and Binhdinh Red Cross, at QuyhoaNDH from April 9-15. 

13 member mission includes 2 surgeons, 2 anesthesiologists, 5 nurses, 1 speech therapist, 1 mission clinical coordinator and 3 others. 
On April 9, the surgical team and the hospital’s staff will give an assessment to cleft patients. Indicated patients will undergo surgeries, performed by ACI surgeons in April 11-15. The operated patients will be instructed by the speech therapist before being discharged from the hospital.
Operated patients will be supported by ACI all travel and per diem allowances (01 family member included), pre-operation expenses such as laboratory tests, X-ray, or other relevant radiology, all applicable perioperative expenses and applicable post-operative medical and nursing care expenses. 
This program is considered as a human activity for cleft patients. Also, it is a starting point for a Multi-disciplinary Cleft Program between ACI and QuyhoaNDH.
Thu Linh

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