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           At present, the level of training of medical staff in Vietnam is low, not reaching the average level of other countries in the region and increasing healthcare needs of the people.    
         Based on the demand and real situation on improving the quality of medical staff; the capacity of teachers, facilities and curriculum which is compiled by QuyhoaNDH;  Pursuant to the Circular No. 07/2008/TT-BYT of May 28, 2008 on the CME for medical staff, QuyhoaNDH has been recodnized as the CME unit for health sector by the ministry of Health.
         In March 2011,  the Hospital opened the CME course on dermatology. After 6 months, thank to the dedicated teaching of lecturers about updated knowledge and clinical skills, the course had ended successfully, all learners received certificates.
        Speaking at the closing ceremony, Dr Nguyan Thanh Tan hoped that the knowledge which learneds had gained in the last 6 months would be useful for services and healthcare for local people, which is the goal of the course.

Translated by Ho Thu Linh  
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