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 Timeless Beauty
Actress and model Diem My has had a career spanning decades yet remains one of Vietnam’s most beautiful women. Heritage Fashion talks with the renowned Vietnamese star to discover the secrets ' of her longevity and success.
Heritage Fashion: In the 1980s, you rose to fame and have had many accomplishments since. what is the most meaningiul thing that you have done in your life?
Diem My: I have been through many ups and downs and it is harcl to say what means the most to me. I was the happiest girl when I first met my  husband, and fortunately we were married. We reached out to each other vvith love and together we have shared pain as well as joy. You know, I had been out of the public eye for a while. But since my husband is successful and our two daughters have grown up, I find myself with time to work in film again and do some of the other things I love.
You always stand out from the crowd, and even young girls are envious of your beauty. Do you have your own stylist?
More than half of my clothes are made in Vietnam. I am a crazy fan of Vietnamese fashion. I prefer Vietnamese clothes because I think they are not only beautiful but also sold at reasonable prices. Actually, I feel more self - confident when wearing Vietnamese clothes. I love to go shopping, but it should only be at a time when my pocket is fu11 of money. Be a smart shopper! I usually wear my lovely fashion items many times and try to match them vvith each other.
Could you tell us more about your favorite designer and fashion brands?
Do Manh Cuong is one of my favorite Vietnamese fashion designers. And I love Chanel. I prefer its elegant accessories collection. Chanel's fashion items are the most likely to match with all types of clothing. whether you are just out on the Street or at a party, you alvvays look fashionable. Chanel and Vietnamese clothing are vvell-matched. Many people think that my vvardrobe must be very expensive. Actually, it is all about mixing and matching. You should decide on your personal fashion style and choose clothes to fit that style. You can customize many of these to your own preferences.
So you usuaily match Vietnamese outfits with Chanel accessories?
Yes. But I rarely wear diamond, gold or gemstone jewelry. I only wear such things when I attend formal meetings andmeet up with embassy officials or international guests.
What is your secret ofsuccess? what makes you beautiful ?
I think all women are beautiful and special in their ovvn way. Your outward looks are going to be overshadovved if you do not live happily and healthily. You should free yourself from sorrows and worries and be optimistic and generous. When I passed age 50, I could not compare with young ladies. But I am very lucky to have my husband and my children beside me. They support me a lot and I am so proud of my family. You know, that's what you need to become the most beautiful girl in the world. 
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