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Skin tumor study leads to topical treatment for seborrheic keratosis (28/04/2016)

Researchers have identified a potential topical treatment that allows the most common type of benign skin lesion to self-destruct, according to a study published online December 29, 2015, in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

New combination treatment effective against melanoma skin metastases (16/11/2015)

In findings never before seen in melanoma, a novel combination therapy was found to be highly effective at treating patients with skin metastases, new research from UC Davis has shown.


Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) consists of a group of conditions that cause fragile skin. People with epidermolysis bullosa develop blisters or cuts from minor trauma. There are several subtypes of epidermolysis bullosa caused by different genetic mutations. The prognosis of an individual with epidermolysis bullosa varies based on disease subtype.

Home remedies for rheumatism (04/11/2014)

Rheumatism is an old, loosely used 'lay person term' to refer to a whole range of conditions affecting the joints and muscles and causing pain. The term Rheumatic diseases can mean a host of painful conditions caused by inflammation of muscles, tendons, joints and connective tissues.

Gonorrhea Superbug Hits Australia: Powerful New Strain Can’t Be Treated With Regular STD Drugs (19/09/2014)

After a patient travelling from central Europe was found to have a highly dangerous strain of gonorrhea in Australia, doctors both there and in New Zealand have been on high alert

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